What can we help you with?

Our support team provided frequently asked questions for you if it is not helpful and you could not find your answer you can chat with our 24/7 online support staff or you can ask your question in Frodo Tech telegram community channel our admins will assist you to the end.

What is SKIDOO?
SKIDOO is a beautifully designed online metaverse game inspired by Greek mythology, where battles between gods and evils actually take place.
Why do I need a cryptocurrency wallet?
It is necessary to have a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask in order to buy and mint a Hero or Evil character.
What exactly is an NFT?
NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital files that are stored on the blockchain in an encrypted format.
Exactly where can I check my NFT?
Once your NFT has been minted, you can check them out on your OpenSea account.
What are some good applications for my NFT?
In the metaverse, your NFT can serve as an avatar that you can rent out to other players in exchange for money and in-game benefits, all while increasing the strength of your character.
Where exactly are the NFTs stored?
All NFTs will be stored on the Polygon blockchain. Your NFTs will be tradable on OpenSea regardless of whether they are stored in Metamask, Trustwallet, or any other wallet.
How much time have you spent on this project?
The development of SKIDOO started in early February of 2022.